Essay about why you deserve good grade

I was a full time worker as well as student. Precisely, I was very confident at the time of writing. I believe I was responsible enough to make sure my job was done and was also able to help out other team members when they needed it the most. Specifically, I followed all the writing instructions.

I am an accountant in my organization thus I am very busy. This essay seeks to put forward the grade I serve as well as explain the reasons for my assertion. I deserve grade A because I have the qualities of an A student such as the right attitude, positive feedback, attendance of all lectures, cooperating with classmates, revising and paying attention to details.

This is because it is always an uphill task for anybody to perform well in studies while working: But the university is equipped to cope with their manifestations on campus. Each minute was very valuable. I speak not of the rights granted to me by the Constitution, but instead those guaranteed to me by politicians.

Provide ample evidence for your argument. According to many scholars and educationists, students who research long before the test always perform better than those who do not. Perhaps the only limitation I may be having is the curiosity to learn things that are not within the course requirements.

There was no time to waste. Whenever we did a team project in class, I always made sure that my part of the job was always completed by the due date. These were seniors at Elk Mound High School. American campuses have long experience in setting up structures to administer such a procedure.

I realize that I have missed a couple of classes, but have been able to pull myself up and catch up and overcome myself in difficult situations. I am strongly content that I have these qualities. But the fact that the number who are not is increasing is troublesome.

My extensive revision was in terms of the books, articles, journals and other periodicals that I read. Again, I believe I possess most of these qualities. I have spent a lot of time and effort putting everything that I have into my studies and to pick a grade is easy.

They are arrived at carefully by faculty based on specific course performance criteria spelled out in detail at the start of the course. In addition, Cannister cites qualities such as possession of good academic skills, understanding of concepts, perceptiveness and the potential to study.

I had to make sure that there was subject-verb agreement in all my sentences as well as obey all the rules of writing. I believe that I deserve an "A" in the class for all my hard work that I have accomplished.

I have proven to myself as well as others that I can be a successful student in college and later on in a university. Furthermore, on top of paying strict attention to instructions, I also paid much attention in the writing process itself.

Another ten or fifteen tests, and I began to recognize a pattern: Basically the entire class bombed. Too many students have a warped idea of what hard work actually entails. Convince me in writing.

And we are certain that those in the other boxes are working feverishly to limit opportunities for the occupants of our box.I will make a deal with you Mr.

Have you ever had a teacher ask you what grade do you think you deserve?

Wondra: if you find this letter not up to your expectations, you can give me a 99% out of the % that I worked hard for and deserve. I know that a 98% is good but I deserve the grade that I worked hard for.

NameClass Date Why I deserve an A If asked, “what grade do you deserve in this class thus far,” I would respond with “an A” Here is a sample Essay for a "Why I deserve an A" for a class.

Have you ever had a teacher ask you what grade do you think you deserve?

Search Search3/5(2). Please reconsider my grade or even allow me to do any work to boost my grade. Once again Mr. Lipsman, I am asking out of the kindness of your heart please bump my grade up a little more, please! Please, if there is anything that you can do, I would very much appreciate it.

Custom The Grade I Deserve Essay Grading is a very important component of schooling because it enables the instructor to rate and rank the students in terms of their performance on the basis of, for instance, their feedback, participation and workload. You don’t.

If you approach your teacher with this attitude and language, you’re implying one of two things: the teacher incompetently evaluated you, or you deserve a. Essay About Why You Deserve Good Grade Alliya Rashid June 30, Why Grades Are Not Good For Students Every student wants to brag that he or she is an “A student”.

In schools, students’ abilities and levels of intelligence can be measured by a series of letters from A to F on a piece of paper.

Essay about why you deserve good grade
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