Mod rewrite add trailing slash

If the target URI has a query string, the default behavior will be observed - that is, the original query string will be discarded and replaced with the query string in the RewriteRule target URI.

Rewrite Example

For example, one might use this to force all files without a file extension to be parsed by the php handler: VAL This flag allows you to set a cookie in the client browser when a particular RewriteRule matches. Actually we want that users of the old URL even not recognize that the pages was renamed.

These graphics are nice, so others directly incorporate them via hyperlinks to their pages. See the RewriteBase directive for more information regarding what prefix will be added back to relative substitutions.

If we were to specify the base path for rewriting, we would not need this, but since we did not, we need to add it. You'd be none the wiser as to why your RewriteRules never work. Some leave it out, while others always type it in. Substitutions are only treated as a file-system path when the rule is configured in server virtualhost context and the first component of the path in the substitution exists in the file-system URL-path A DocumentRoot -relative path to the resource to be served.

If it finds a query string, it removes it. Using the B flag, non-alphanumeric characters in backreferences will be escaped. These graphics are nice, so others directly incorporate them via hyperlinks to their pages. When you want to erase an existing query string, end the substitution string with just the question mark.

As long as your application is generating URLs that look the way you want them, you're cool. There are other concerns with image hotlinking, for example copyrights or usage of images in an inappropriate context. Each directive then defines one single rewriting rule.

If not, you are redirecting to an invalid location!

mod_rewrite cheat sheet

To opt-in to the alternate syntax, the cookie "Name" should be preceded with a ';' character, and field separators should be specified as ';'. Instead you would want to redirect them to the secure equivalent of the URL they have requested.

If we had just used [R] without adding the code parameter, the code would have been awhich is a temporary redirect.

Tag: php mod_rewrite: Trailing slash on URL with two GET variables

But sometimes it may be necessary to preserve the secure connection all the way to the content server. Assume again that we have recently renamed the page foo. You can even create URLs in the substitution string containing a query string part. This allows to move RewriteRules freely between PerDir and server config files.

END Stop the rewriting process immediately and don't apply any more rules.

Add Trailing Slash to the End of the URL with .htaccess Rewrite Rules

Redirect rules are evaluated on every request to the app, including after a redirect. But nobody ever does that. AddRedirectToWwwPermanent — Permanently redirect the request to the www subdomain if the request is non-www. They can simply show the output directly. NET-based web applications very often make requests to WebResources.

Basic Redirect There are a couple reasons why you would use a basic redirect. When it is confirmed a directory, they redirect to the actual directory. By default, your web browser will add a trailing slash to the end of a URL.

Hence avoid doing anything like this. Since no rules in the sample app match on the redirect URL: If it did, you'd have bigger problems. Perhaps they include a trailing slash when you don't want one. NE stands for No Escape.Feb 26,  · Posted on February 26, Author kartolo Categories apache2, htaccess, mod_rewrite, programming, SEO Tags apache2, htaccess, SEO 2 thoughts on “SEO – add trailing slash to URL” Jochen Weiland says.

I am using agronumericus.comss file to direct requests for a directory to a custom php file that provides info about that directory (and i want the url displayed by the browser to not change). Here is the.

SEO – add trailing slash to URL

Adding a trailing slash in some rewrite rule adding a trailing slash in some rewrite rule. Toggle navigation and simply add a trailing slash to all extensionless URLs requested from your server. I sometimes use PHP rather than mod_rewrite for redirects because I can eliminate rules which are generally unnecessary from my.

Nov 10,  · add trailing slash agronumericus.comss At the moment, I have a site under the subdirectory /dev/. agronumericus.comss file in that directory contains the mod_rewrite code. Trailing Slash Problem Description: Occasionally there is a need to use mod_rewrite to handle a case where a missing trailing slash causes a URL to fail.

Oct 23,  · mod_rewrite: Trailing slash on URL with two GET variables On October 23, October 27, By tzere In php I’m in the process of overhauling one of my projects, a web based booking system, but I’m having a bit of an issue with my htaccess file.

Mod rewrite add trailing slash
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