The importance of ladder safety and safe working environment for workers

With greater emphasis on training and safety practices today, why do fall accidents still occur at such a high rate? Whatever you decide, your line supervision needs to be supporting the program and enforcing it. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Some facilities feel that drug and alcohol abuse is a personal issue and, if they just turn a blind eye to it, it will go away.

Never use a ladder for any purpose other than the one for which it was designed. All workers should be trained on how to properly use an aerial lift.

There is no other way to eliminate ladder accidents. Interested in Safety Training Courses? ALI, a not-for-profit ladder association of ladder industry leaders dedicated to promoting safe ladder use, with representation and support from U.

Encourage the workforce to look out for complacency in one another by making sure they understand that they can also be harmed by a fellow employee not paying attention. Morning meetings might give you an opportunity to find out that a certain business unit plans to have one of the employees operating a machine that is supposed to be tagged out of service.

The policy should be clear and consistent. The most powerful incentive for an employee should be their own health and well-being. If possible, and again to protect yourself and your company, before sending somebody for testing, try to have two trained supervisors independently conclude that the employee is suspected of being under the influence.

Getting them under control will make the rest of your job much easier. Your common sense comes from a set of experiences and learned behaviors which are completely different than the experiences and learned behaviors of the next guy. Scary when you think that you drove miles and miles without a single recollection.

Cart 10 Steps to Building a Safe Work Environment As with most professions, Safety professionals often come into the field in positions where their responsibility is to focus on the day-to-day tasks of a jobsite or facility.

Drug and Alcohol abuse needs to be nipped in the bud through a clearly stated policy which is consistently enforced. You cannot be everywhere at once, especially if supervision is letting unsafe behavior occur when you turn your back. If you have concerns, you have the right to speak up about them without fear of retaliation.

Time and again, companies that put safety first turn out higher quality products. There are also other required documents that must be posted in every workplace. Employee Buy-In and Involvement Sure, some people like to come to work, be told what to do, do their job, and go home.

At the end of the day, there are three important reasons why organizations should care about health and safety: Remember that the people working for the company are adults. Make sure that the eye protection fits comfortably.

They showed up to their work area, got their materials up the hoist, got set up, and realized they had no means of fall protection. Unfortunately, fall accidents, injuries, and deaths continue to happen in the workplace every year.

Not only were they toying with getting somebody seriously hurt, they were opening themselves up to a discrimination lawsuit from any of the men who had been tested. Nothing can come back to bite you more than an executive being blindsided by something important.

Scary when you think that you drove miles and miles without a single recollection.

Important Construction Site Safety Tips

Occupational injuries and illnesses can provoke major crises for the families in which they occur. Why is Health and Safety Important in the Workplace? Yet there are many ways to go wrong. Please share our posts. Human loss and suffering is immeasurable. You also want to leave yourself room for swift, immediate action on more dangerous violations.Studies show that teamwork in the workplace begets safety.

The Importance of Safety

This safe environment doesn’t start and end with safety ladders. In order to assure your employees that they’re in a workplace that’s serious about safety, it’s important to implement ongoing training for all employees, including leadership staff.

March is National Ladder Safety Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of safe ladder use. March is the ideal time to highlight and encourage ladder safety because it coincides with Spring home improvement projects and the beginning of the construction season.

It is important to go above and beyond when it comes to improving ladder safety for your workers by implementing two or three additional safety measures for a fixed ladder.

For instance, that same fixed ladder system that has a cage can also have a ladder safety device installed for additional protection. Good employers put systematic processes in place to make your work environment safe. Hazard assessment, safety training, proper procedures, site orientations, and worker training, should all be a park of your regular working environment.

And once you get trained, please practice due diligence. You and I, as safety professionals, know this to be untrue and maybe, because of our education and experience, feel it should be common sense.

In building a safe work environment, you need to determine what areas require training both by regulatory requirement and by your own hazard assessment.

When a fixed ladder, cage, or well, or any portion of a section thereof, is replaced (on and after November 18, ), a personal fall arrest system or ladder safety system is installed in at least that section of the fixed ladder, cage, or well where the replacement is located.

The importance of ladder safety and safe working environment for workers
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