The reasons why cults exist and why people join them

Here are a few reasons why. Still no single personality profile characterizes cult members. Membership of sects is usually restricted and limited to a small group of dedicated followers, where it is difficult to leave the organisation.

10 Psychological Reasons Why People Join Cults

A cult needs some personalities that are at least close to as persuasive as the leader. Because people are inordinately lonely, through faulty means, they also manage to set themselves up for cult recruitment.

In fact, the only thing that the cults possess in common is the destruction of the person they are seeking to recruit. She was taught to believe that without Scientology, the world was doomedand the fate of the entire planet was in their hands.

While there are many different types of cults and sects, with different internal rules and structures, there are some general distinctions between the two. While the Aum started out as what seemed to be a humble meditation group, Asahara soon began to try and increase its numbers, which eventually lead him to Russia.

In order to punish anyone who questions authority, they subjected to public humiliation and social isolation. At 16 years old, she left her family, because she felt it was an exciting new way of life, compared to what society had to offer her.

Who Joins Cults, And Why?

It is not out of the question to be frequently confronted with eccentric claims, visions, and stories that have no basis in the real world, but are mere figments of the imagination of the cult leader who has found a gullible following.

To people who are not used to receiving a lot of love and flattery in their life, this is obviously a very seductive thing. About the only way a cult is stifled or destroyed is when it either becomes so corrupt that law enforcement must move in and arrest the members for breaking the law, the cult leader is finally pushed to the brink of insanity and self-destructs, the cult becomes non-viable due to financial trouble or disinterest, or the cult converts to Christianity.

Conversely, those who have a working knowledge of the Bible and a sound hermeneutic interpretive method are virtually immune to cult recruitment. David Koresh It has also been apparent that certain members of the Church of Scientology cult have suffered from mental illness in their lives, possibly induced by traumatic upbringings.

You can also find her on Twitter ShannQ. In treating ex-cult members, Dr. He motivated Germans who felt as though they had little left to live for after World War I, and it was enough to convince them to join the Nazi Party. Striving for perfectionism comes into play in many cults.

There is also the doomsday cult, which is defined by prophesies of the end of the world. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. The apostle Paul would write of those who would be modern-day cultists, and their real leader, Satan, in the following terms: She was caught red-handed by one of her fellow co-workers Jayna Murray.

The idea of devouring involves the image of swallowing someone instantly. For by being sober and alert, always, will prevent a life of regret, should one be caught unaware by those representing a cult.

Ten Reasons Why People Join a Cult

The fewer opportunities a woman has in her life, the more likely she is to follow a charismatic cult leader. Therefore, to prevent cult recruitment which involves the rugged individualism mantra, one must understand the mantra itself in light of the Hellenistic culture from which it was derived, and then either reject or reform it.

Alexandra Stein points out that one common thread is that people are in a transition period in their lives. You can also find her on Twitter ShannQ. Everyone is so cheery and helpful, and everyone wants to be friends with the new person. October 1, The Book of Romans 1: However, they present their information in such a way that seems as though they are the only ones on the entire planet who care about other human beings.

Cult leaders such as Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Aum Shinirikyo movement, possessed immense charisma and speaking prowess that enabled him to draw such a large membership base. Marxists would theorise that his working class background and cultural deprivation contributed heavily to his failure at school and seeking of a different outlet, in this case, fundamental Christianity.

He claims that anyone, under the right conditions, could be convinced to join a cult.It sounds like you are undecided on what cults are, why they exist and if there should be any concern for them. I can't quite understand what arguments you are looking for here, so I will offer my own perspective.

First of all, defining what cults are is of critical importance. Cults can be. Well, just like people join for lots of different reasons they also leave for lots of different reasons. Ironically, that same familiarity with the ideology that may lead some to become more committed over time is part of why other folks ultimately leave.

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This article explains the mystery of cults and why people join them. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Cults and why People Join Them?

Firstly, cults started off having a much less negative connotation than it has to today. They were simply religious sects defined by the deities they worshipped.

The Attraction of Cults & Sects - Sam Fry, Amie Reed and Hugh Whittington

Really, you could have called Christianity the Cult of Christ once upon. The final reason why many people join cults is the persistence of evil. All counterfeiting cults can ultimately trace their existence back to the “father of lies,” the devil, who is the most persistent of evil beings to ever have existed.

The reasons why cults exist and why people join them
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